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Welcome to my home on the web. I hope you enjoy your visit
and find something that will help you on your journey.

The contents of this website are my own opinions and personal
beliefs. I cannot speak for any other person on this or any other path.
I don't claim to have the absolute truth or all the anwers.

Each person walks a spiritual path as unique to them as their own
fingerprint. This site may help you find your way, or it may not, but if
you continue to seek, you will find what you are looking for.

"...In our hearts we hold the keys. Don't be afraid to unlock the door.
there are no endings, only new beginnings."

Whatever path you are on, may you walk it in peace, and thanks
for visiting!

Zoë Grace =)

Special Thanks to Anne's Placefor some great gifs!

Garden Table of Contents

My Background
My journey from there to here
Can you be a Christian Witch?
Different Views
Different paths for Christian Witches
My personal Path
the feminine divine
Errors in bible?
Responses to Fundies
reading list

I have spent a lot of time and thought, deciding on my spiritual
beliefs and spiritual path. I will respect the beliefs of others and
would appreciate the same courtesy. However, if you are here to try
to convert me, please click here:

Check back for new additions to my Magickal Garden! If you
are a Christian Witch and you would like to share how you came to this
particular path, how you blend Christianity with the Craft or any article
you think might help others on this path, I would love to post it on the site!

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