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  Christian Witch Websites:  

Letter to a Christian drawn to witchcraft
The Christian Witchery Page
Catholic Craft
Christian Occultism and Magic in General
Virtual Chapel
Christian Witch by: Aurora Star
Jesse's Wiccan Page
Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle
Starlight's Home Page
Christian Magic
The Cauldron and The Cross
The Christian Witch
The Christian Witches Community
The Society for Christian Magick
The Space Capsule
Ceridwyn's Castle
Norm's Corner
White Raven
Letter from a Christian Magician
Lizzy Crowe's Page
Pagan/Christian Calendar
Who's Who Mystics
Another Christian Witch site
To Witch via the truth: A Christian Witch's story
Sofia's Homepage
Weeping for Tammuz and Wrestling with Yeshua
Christian Witch article
Credo of a Christo-pagan witch
Christianity and Earth Spirituality
Amber Wine
Christo-Pagan Syncretism

  Christian Witch groups:  

Believers in Christ and Magick
Catholic Craft
Christian Wiccans and Witches
Christian Witch
Solitary Eclectic Christians
Starlight's Christian Witches
The Christian Witch
A Leap of Faith
Goddess Christians
Eclectic Christian Witch
Magickal Christians
Christian Wicca


Ancient Circles
Celtic Crosses
Lytha Studios
Azure Green
The Christian Witch Store
The Witchy Shop
Shining Moon Gallery
Mystickal Tymes
Hollow Hills Pagan Bookstore
Used Magick Books
Kitchen Witch Lotions and Potions
Llewellyn Online
Crystal Forest Online Catalogue
Witchcraft without the Gimmicks

  Search engines:  

Witch Crawler
Avatar Search
Goddess Knotwork
Ariadne Spider
Pagan Portal
Pagan Search
Christian Search engine links

  Online Courses:  

The Christian Witch Guidance Course
The Seeker's Page
Witchcraft 101
The Witch's Study Buddy

  Misc. Helpful Pagan/Witchy links:  

21st Century Witches
A Mystickal Grove
Crystal Forest
What is witchcraft?
Your Witch Potential
Harmony's Enchanted Hearth
Myriad of Enchantments
Magickal Moon
The Witch's Voice
Lone Wolves
Witchcraft Basics
Which is Which
Wiccan Traditions
The Path of Shewolf
Silver Rainbowmist
Should you use Magick?
Definitions: Witchcraft vs. Wicca
Raven's Nest
Wiccan Muse
The Realm of White Magic
Reading List Faq
Crystal Moon's BOS

  Misc. Helpful Christian Links:  

Bible Mistranslation
A Christian Speaks about Wicca
Christian Links page
Cille Daire
Celtic Christianity
Wiccans and Christians
The Power of Creative Prayer
The Religious Biography of Mama Rose
What the Bible says about Wicca/Witchcraft
A Christian Think Tank
Dirty Hippy Liberal Christian Home Journal
Important dates for women in the Church
Mother God
Is God our mother too?
Is God a Man or a Woman?
Is God a Woman?
The Bible
Peek through the window of the Episcopal Church

  Just for fun:  

Fiona's Fairie Cottage
Lady Leigh's Fantasy World
Gourmet Doggie food
The Joy Page
The Long Lost Book of Household

  Help fight religious discrimination:  

Witches League for Public Awareness
Dealing with Hate sites
Balaams (ass is right)

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