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This page is called "Different Views." However, it probably should be called,
"different expressions of almost the exact same view." This page is very "pro
Christian Witch" In all likelyhood you've already heard from
both sides the arguements against it. So, here are the words of both
Christian witches and witches from different paths who think it can be
done. Many on this page say you can be a Christian witch,
because they are in fact Christian saying it's not possible to
them is probably like saying it's impossible for the earth to be round.
The others are people who, while they may not be a Christian witch themselves
can at least see how it can be done!

Christian Witches Speak:

1. Starchild:
You know what! I'm going to stop resisting being an
Oxymoron and start celebrating it.

Am I an Oxymoron? You betcha little booties I am!
I am a doubting believer....a gentle warrior....a laughing
mourner....a spiritual body....a "straight" "queer"....a liberal adult child....a weeping honored
outcast....a human animal....a true fiction....a sincere unconscious consciousness....a real fantasy....and a
Christian Witch!

I am a nothing that is something....who hears sounds in
silence....sees mystery in the common....embraces the sacred in the
mundane....and finds wisdom in fools.

I follow an Oxymoron who said that the first are last...that the
cursed are blessed....that dying is how one finds life....and the
greatest of all is the slave of all.

The Oxymoron who called power weakness and riches poverty and glory
shameful, and who called weakness power and poverty riches and shame
glorious. The Oxymoron who said all the Kingdom of Heaven is smaller
than a mustard seed. The Oxymoron who put "sinners" before "saints"
and beggars before kings. The Oxymoron whose crown was thorns, whose
throne was a cross, and whose greatest victory was the greatest
tragedy of all time, the One who wins by losing, the One who fills by
emptying, the GOD who is HUMAN. The Oxymoron. The Paradox. The
Mystery. The Contradiction. The Dialectic. The Oxymoron. me an Oxymoron...put me in the camp outside the city with
all the Sages and all the Shamans and all who have stood between
worlds. I am a Christian. I am a Witch. If that doesn't make sense to
you....its not supposed more than the sound of one hand
clapping makes sense....or that the journey is the destination....or
that the question is its own answer....for I am a living koan and I
seek only to become who I have always been.

And you will only understand when you cease trying to understand. You
will only grasp when you open your hand. And you will only hold on
when you let go.

May 3, 1998 19:36
Originally published here    Starchild's Homepage
Another Great article by Rawna Moon, the Starchild on Witchcrawler
"What is a Christian Witch?"

2. Fiona Fey
Articles by Fiona addressing this issue:
Christian Witch Ė Isnít That an Oxymoron?
about the author
Prayer or Spell?
Statement of Faith
Why the Christian Craft?

3. Kristen Helmer
Kristen has a really great article on this topic:
It's impossible to be a Christian witch!

If you are a Christian Witch and would like to share your story of how you
came to this path...please click the gray feedback box to send it. I
would love to post it! ---->
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Non-Christian Witches Speak:

1. Lady True:
Can one be a Christian witch?
Lady True's View

2. Witchvox:
Can a Christian be a Pagan
(There are 9 essays in this series. Some responses are for, some against.)
And here is the Teen series: Christopagan article

3. Raven
Christian Witches: An Oxymoron?

4. Crystal Forest
"Can you be a Christian and a Witch?"
(This is one of my favorites!)

5. Erin
Question and answer

6. A Mystickal Grove's View
Of Two Paths by: Dragonhawk

One thing that you may have noticed from reading some of these
links is there seems to be a lot of interchanging between the
word "witch" and "wiccan" This causes a lot of confusion. Most
people who think you can't be a witch and a Christian at the
same time, think this either because:

A. something the bible says. note: I'm not discounting the bible
my point here is if at the time of a translation a word meaning is
different from it's current word meaning then it shouldn't be thought
to apply to the same word with a different meaning.

If the bible used the word gay (meaning happy) in an old translation...
it would not follow logically that you could interpret the word
in the text to be gay (meaning homosexual) it's just not the same word
meaning. In the same way, During the witch hysteria the common
"meaning" of the word witch was someone who practiced harmful magic
(even the Wiccan Rede speaks against this)
However, in today's usage (among real witches, not among Hollywood
producers and "fundies.") a witch is someone who practices magick in general
often it is described as a religious practice but not a religion
and rarely it is also described as a religion unto itself.
Also, it's important to note that just because the word witch
commonly meant a practitioner of harmful magick...this doesn't
mean that this has EVER been the official definition of the word
either academically or among those who claimed the word for themselves.

Also, different people interpret the bible in different ways. And
some people don't take every single line in the bible literally.
Still others believe that the bible is part divine inspiration
and human interpretation, and that it is possible that some writer
bias or translator bias, or whatever got into the text. In other
words they don't believe the text is completely inerrant. (More about
this on the "Bible" page.) So, when speaking about a Christian,
one should never assume that they interpret the bible a certain way.
Despite fundie propaganda, you can be a Christian without being a
fundie and without interpretting the bible as completely literal
and inerrant.


B. It is believed that you can't be two religions at the same time
of course the exception is "eclecticism." It is important to note
that while some Christian witches are rather eclectic and incorporate
parts of Wicca in their belief and ritual structure, not all
Christian witches do. So, unless someone specifically says
that they are a Christian Wiccan...or they want to be one,
when they ask if one can be a Christian witch, they are usually
asking just that. Not can one be a Christian Wiccan. That is
another completely different question that people ask. (It's
a question that I'm not qualified to answer, however, even if
only one person believes a certain way, that doesn't make his/her
belief invalid. Truth is not determined by popular vote anyway.
So, in light of that, I say, if that calls to you, go for it!) So the
questions should be handled separately and not as if they are
one question. While many will agree that not all witches are
Wiccan, there is sometimes a belief that all witches ARE pagan.
However, that is yet another debate...(maybe the terminology page
will clear it up.)

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